Cherry Ry4*

A familiar tobacco with a ripe cherry twist.

Fall Essence*

A crisp cinnamon tobacco taste.

Black Menthol

A tart menthol balanced with just a touch of sweet licorice.


Basic tobacco blend, this one has won the votes of many!

Ry5 Menthol

Finally, a menthol variant of RY5, as requested.

Ry4 Menthol**

A cool tobacco import for all you menthol lovers!

Tropical Menthol*

An exotic punch; not just for the menthol fanatics!

Wintergreen Tobacco

Very similar to the tinned varieties!

Rum Tobacco**

Tobacco taste made simple.

Wild Coumarin*

A wild twist on our popular Coumarin flavor!

Coumarin Tobacco**

A simple tobacco that is smooth and delicious!


A stronger take on our traditional RY4!

Golden Tobacco

A light maple tobacco that is as good as gold!