Berry Watermelon**

Red and green never have been so good together!

Wild Cherry

Cherries gone wild!

Kiwi Strawberry**

Reunited, and they taste so good!

Melon Berry

This orange melon has never been sweeter then being paired with strawberry!

Island Berry

A luscious mix of fruit that's a vacation in a vape!

Jamaican Delight

Take a trip to the tropics of Jamaica with this delight!

Juicy Watermelon

Take a juicy bite out this watermelon.


Just like going to the berry patch and eating ‘em as you pick ‘em!

Strawberry Pineapple**

A sweet tropical blend of delicious fruit!

Strawberry Banana

This flavor is so good, it will have you swinging from trees!

Fresh Raspberries

Good ol' Razz, keeping it fresh!

Tropic Tang

Peachy mango with a burst of sweet pineapple. 


Take a puff off this dragon!


This one is blue-dab-ah-dee-licious!

Berry Blend

​​A blend of the trifecta: Black, Blue and Raz!


Everything is great with grape!